Qlik Tools and utilities

Qlik Tools and Utilities

Some of the tools and utilities that have been posted on this blog over the years:

  • PinIt: personal mashups for everyone! Combine visualizations from all your Qlik Sense applications into personalized overviews that are relevant to you.
  • Qlik Sense Coding Conventions: a document that describes the standards we use to write readable, consistent and maintainable Qlik scripts.
  • SenseTheme: create custom themes for Qlik Sense in a WYSIWYG editor.
  • ImageExtractor: extract embedded images from QlikView applications
  • GridMaker: create a custom layout grid to simplify layout of objects in QlikView applications
  • Import/Export variables: import and export variables from QlikView (to and from Excel)
  • TurboView: speed up your QlikView front-end designs, while making them look terrific as well.