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Moving QlikView Server log files

Beam me up!This is a sneak-peek at one of the topics covered in the Server Admin best practices session at the Masters Summit for QlikView:

When doing QlikView Server deployments for clients, I often come across policies stating that the C: drive, the default installation drive for QlikView, may only be used for the operating system. Program files, data and logs all need to be placed on other, designated drives. The rationale for this policy is that data, and especially log files that aren’t purged, can fill up the boot drive and disrupt the system.

Specifying alternative locations for program files is simply a matter of specifying another installation path during setup, and the location of data and QVWs can be easily configured in the QMC. Moving log files is a little more complex however, so today I have for you a tutorial explaining two options for moving your log files and other configuration artifacts. read more »

How QlikView helped me fix QlikView

Fixing QlikView using QlikViewToday, instead of a tip, I have a little anecdote about how QlikView helped me fix QlikView.

One project had me setting up a customized QlikView Server environment for an enterprise client. Part of the customization was ensuring that the service accounts, the ‘users’ that are used to run the QlikView services, do not require local administrator privileges.

Anyone who’s had to deal with this requirement knows that it isn’t exactly a straightforward job. Out of the box, the QlikView services will not work without local admin privileges. There is some help, but on a typical ‘hardened‘ version of Windows Server you still need to do additional troubleshooting to make things work.

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