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QlikView blog round-up: If-statements, inline tables & EDX

DecisionsTime to dust off a posting category that hasn’t been getting as much love as it should have; the QlikView blog round-up. Today I have for you three blog posts that I read recently and found very interesting:

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QlikView blog round-up: Intellectual Curiosity & QVExcel

QVExcelAs I’ve been seeing many interesting QlikView articles and blog posts appear recently, I’ve decided to make the Blog Round-up a (bi-)weekly item on this blog. This week, there were two articles that caught my interest:

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QlikView blog round-up

Busy weekIt’s been a busy week with not much time to write, so instead of a fresh tip I bring you the QlikView articles and blog posts that I found most interesting this week:

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Rainy Sunday QlikView blog round-up

Rainy dayIt’s a rainy Sunday here in the Netherlands, a good time to catch up on some reading and share with you some of the QlikView-related blog posts, articles and discussions that I found interesting in the past week.

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QlikView 10 blog & resource round-up

QlikView 10 blog round-up

It’s been a few weeks since QlikView 10 was released and a lot has been written in the mean time. In this post I will list the articles, blog posts and resources that I found the most useful while learning about QlikView 10’s new features and functionality. read more »