Have QlikView – Will Travel. Where do Masters Summit attendees come from?

By Barry Harmsen

Advanced QlikView Training: theMasters Summit for QlikViewIf you are a regular reader of this blog, you are probably aware of the Masters Summit for QlikView. Besides offering some of the best advanced QlikView training available on the market, this 3 day event adds a unique “conference feel” where you are able to network and exchange ideas with peers from all around the world.

My colleague Frédérique recently put together some visualizations to answer some questions we had about our attendees; where do our attendees come from? How far do they travel? What kind of companies do they work for? Do they and their companies experience enough value to return?

As I thought you might enjoy these visualizations as well I have posted them to the blog. If you want to hear more about our attendees’ experiencing, be sure to also check out the testimonials page over on the Masters Summit website.

(click on any of the visualizations for a larger view)

Las Vegas 2013

Our very first Masters Summit was held in Las Vegas in 2013. With an awesome venue, 61 attendees (from as far away as Australia) and an average event rating of 4.8 (out of 5) it was a big success. The companies represented at the first summit ranged from sole-proprietors all the way up to multi-billion US$ companies. Of the companies attending, almost a quarter sent developers to the following events, an excellent score considering that most QlikView departments consist of relatively few people.

Masters Summit for QlikView - Las Vegas attendee statistics


Chicago 2014

Our second US event was held in Chicago in April 2014. With 105 participants this was a step up from our previous US event. We again achieved an overall event rating of 4.8 out of 5 and saw about a quarter of the attending companies send their developers again.

Masters Summit for QlikView - Chicago 2015 stats


Amsterdam 2014

After London and Barcelona in 2013, the third European Masters Summit event was held in my hometown of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. While the sights weren’t new for me, there were many distant travelers amongst our 85 attendees, flying in from as far as South Africa. With attendees from 20 different countries, this was our most international Masters Summit yet! With an average event rating of 4.9 out of 5 this was also one of our highest-rated events. You can find a more in-depth visualization of this event’s ratings on our testimonials page.

Masters Summit for QlikView - Amsterdam attendee statistics

Staying in touch

We like to keep in touch with Masters Summit alumni. That is why besides all the documentation, code examples and resources supplied at the Masters Summit we also provide an exclusive LinkedIn Group where former attendees can ask follow-up questions and share their ideas and solutions. With almost 300 members (and no recruiters or spammers) this is, in my opinion, the best discussion forum on LinkedIn for expert QlikView discussions.


Upcoming events in 2015

Want to experience the Masters Summit unique blend of advanced training and networking? Come join us at on of our upcoming events in New York City or Copenhagen later this year. Click on the banner for more information. We hope to see you soon!

Masters Summit for QlikView - 2015 locations

Is this QlikView?

In case you were wondering, yes, these visualizations were done in QlikView. As of QlikView 11.20 SR10 you can remove the segment borders on pie charts. This doesn’t make them any more useful, but it does make them prettier.

The maps were made using QlikMaps. Full disclosure: QlikMaps is a sponsor of the 2015 Masters Summit for QlikView. That doesn’t really matter though, we like their mapping solution enough that we would’ve used it anyway 🙂