Remove scrolling tabs from QlikView Chart Properties

By Barry Harmsen

Remove scrolling tabs from QlikView Chart Properties

A short post today, but one that will fix a very common developer annoyance in QlikView 11 and 11.2; the scroll tabs in the chart properties dialog window. When you want to change properties on tabs that are on opposing sides of the tab row (for example, Dimensions and then Layout) you first have to click the scroll arrows before you can select the tab. Extremely annoying, if you ask me.

The fix

While browsing the Internet the other day I came across this instruction on PasteBin. It shows you how to make the chart properties window a little wider, so that the scroll arrows will no longer show up. Thanks anonymous benefactor who took the time to write this instruction!

The disclaimer

Of course, I am not responsible if you actually decide to try this fix. Use it at your own risk.

Wouldn’t it be great if…

… Qlik implemented this fix in their next service release?

And, while I am putting my wish list out there, some additional dialogs that I would liked improved are:

  • The table viewer data preview dialog, enable maximize on it so we can see more rows and columns in a single view.
  • The variable overview dialog, also enable maximize so we can more easily read the information in the individual columns.

What kind of (minor) user interface improvements would you like to see in QlikView 11 & 11.2? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments.