Online training: QlikView Set Analysis

By Barry Harmsen

QlikView Set Analysis Training

Just a quick heads-up about a new online training that Miguel García and I are offering: Set Analysis. We delivered our first training on May 2nd and received excellent ratings and feedback. We are now scheduling new sessions, the first one being held May 23rd 2014. This is a live, instructor-led, 4 hour online training. We have multiple sessions (both in English and Spanish), so you should be able to find one that fits your time zone. More information can be found on the website, or after the break.

Register Now for the Online Set Analysis Training

Learn to take full advantage of QlikView’s analytical awesomeness!

Take advantage of one of QlikView’s most powerful functionalities. Set Analysis expressions can dramatically boost an app’s analytical power, enabling complex calculations in a simple and straight-forward fashion. Mastering this tool is the objective of this training session, after which every student will have the ability to understand and create set analysis expressions up to an advanced level.


Learning objectives

  • Build Set Analysis expressions, from theory to practice.
  • Learn to create expressions for period over period comparisons using Set Analysis.
  • Uncover advanced tricks.
  • Create state-based expressions and take advantage of the alternate states functionality.


Course highlights

  • Hands-on exercises
  • Learn by doing
  • Example and solution files
  • Live, online session
  • Available in English (instructor: Barry Harmsen) and Spanish (instructor: Miguel García).