QlikView 11 for Developers – Training Materials

By Barry Harmsen

QlikView 11 for Developers - Classroom training materialSince its publication in November 2012, our book QlikView 11 for Developers has been used by many people to take their first steps in QlikView, improve their skills and prepare for their Developer certification. But to our surprise, it haven’t only been individual developers who used the book. Mike and I learned that many organizations either developed their own training around our book, or were contacting us to inquire if such materials were available. Obviously, this is something that we welcome and will gladly facilitate.

After a few months of development and rigorous testing, we are proud to announce that we now have a complete set of ready-made materials available. These materials enable you to quickly deliver a structured, professional QlikView training based on QlikView 11 for Developers.

What’s included in the training materials?

The training materials consists of 14 PowerPoint slide decks, one for each chapter, totaling over 400 slides. Each slide comes with extensive speaker notes, giving the presenter the exact information needed to effectively deliver the training.

The presentations can be used sequentially to deliver a complete training, but can also be reordered and combined to deliver a custom training. The license allows for rebranding the presentations to your own corporate style; you immediately have a professional presentation without having to sacrifice many hours of work (often billable) to create it.

The training is tightly integrated with QlikView 11 for Developers and each student is meant to get a copy of the book. While the book is used for exercises and solutions during the training, the way the book is written and structured means that it is also a valuable resource for students after the training.

Of course, with the use by many people, new insights develop. Mike and I are committed to regularly updating and supporting the materials, taking into consideration your experiences with delivering this training.

Want to know more?

If you’re interested in our materials and want to know more about pricing and licensing conditions, then please feel free to contact me.