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DISTINCT can be deceiving

DISTINCT can be deceiving

Never think you know it all! Today I have for you a little ‘gotcha!’ about the LOAD DISTINCT statement that I picked up from Oleg Troyansky at the Masters Summit for QlikView.

Common knowledge about LOAD DISTINCT is that it will remove duplicate records from the input table, similar to how the DISTINCT clause works in SQL. For example:


However, when used in combination with the JOIN or CONCATENATE statement, the results can be surprising, and even counterintuitive.

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QlikView for Developers Cookbook + Foreword

QlikView for Developers CookbookAs you may have read or seen elsewhere already, the 24th of June saw a new addition to the QlikView library; Stephen Redmond‘s QlikView for Developers Cookbook. Categorized into 11 chapters, this new book contains self-contained recipes that show you how to achieve various tasks in QlikView.

The book is available via the following online stores:

Get QlikView for Developers Cookbook at Packt Publishing Get QlikView for Developers Cookbookfrom Amazon

I was delighted to be a technical reviewer for this book, and honored when Stephen asked me if I’d write a foreword for him. For those interested in the foreword, I’ve included it after the break.

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