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QlikView Easter Egg

At least, I hope it´s a sense of humor, and not a new feature for QlikView.Next :)

A fun little easter egg that shows the boys and girls at QlikView R&D have a sense of humor. Entering the expression:


into a text object and choosing the Image representation shows our old *ahem* friend Clippy. Or should I say Qlikky?

Besides Clippy, there are actually a lot more images embedded in QlikView than just those listed under <bundled>/BuiltIn. Almost all of the images in the QlikView user interface (and lots more) can be referenced via the hidden folder <bundled>/Images. In the application that you can download below, you will find an overview of all hidden embedded images.

Download the QlikView hidden embedded images application

Update 2013/03/27: an awesome easter egg that I seem to have missed (because it’s a JPG instead of a PNG):


This shows a picture of the QlikView development team. Credits for this discovery go to (an interesting blog, by the way).