Any colour, as long as it’s green

By Barry Harmsen

Any colour, as long as it's green. Henry Ford would approve.Today I read the blog post “Green Is The Colour” by Henric Cronstr√∂m on QlikTech’s Business Discovery Blog. In this post,¬†Henric points to the fact that, while green may be QlikView’s signature colour, it is the unassociated, gray values that are a crucial part of the discovery process.

While I completely agree with Henric that the colour coding is integral to the QlikView experience, his post did leave me wondering. Does it always have to be green?

The answer: No, not always. At least, not when you are running your applications in the AJAX or web view clients on QlikView 11 that is.

Inspired by Henric’s post I decided to create a small document extension that let’s you change the selection colour to whatever colour you like! The video below shows a blue colour scheme applied to the Movies Database application. You can easily change these colours by modifying the NoGreen.CSS file in the extension directory.

Of course, this document extension is just a fun little hack that is provided free but also completely as-is. If you have any improvements or comments though, then I’d like to hear from you.

Download NoGreen.qar

Update 2012/11/14: I’ve made some improvements to the NoGreen extension based on suggestions by Michael Griffiths, thanks Michael!