Just when I thought it was out…

By Barry Harmsen


I usually advise my clients not to upgrade to a new major QlikView version until the SR1 release is available. You can imagine that I was quite excited when QlikView 11 SR1 was released little over a week ago, finally could my existing QlikView customers use the cool new features of QlikView 11! Notes! Session collaboration! Document extensions!

Unfortunately, my enthusiasm rapidly diminished when I did a SiB (Seeing is Believing, or QlikView Proof of Concept) last week. I found SR1 contained bugs that made it unworkable for me. Amongst other things, initial data reduction with section access was not working and actions assigned to text/button objects would not work on the iPad. QlikTech must have realized this as well, as the SR1 release is no longer available for download at this moment.

I am back on the initial release now, which, given previous experiences with initial releases,  has actually been working much better than expected for me. I would actually go so far as to say that it has been working perfectly for me, with the exception of one very annoying bug.

I like to use lots of tabs in my script, to nicely indent various levels in loops etc. , but also to neatly align aliases. I also like to jump around the script a lot, switching between tabs and often using my mouse to position the cursor or to double-click a field name to select and copy it. This is where QlikView 11 IR introduced a bug that is really annoying when you do a lot of script development; when there are tabs in a line, QlikView will often position the cursor in the wrong place, as shown in the image below.



I reported this bug back in January (ID 44840) and was told that it would be fixed in SR1. I noticed that it hadn’t been fixed in last week’s SR1, but hopefully it will be fixed when the real SR1 is released.

I promise my next post will be less rant-y 😉 In the mean time, I am quite interested to hear your thoughts and opinions about rolling out QlikView 11 IR at existing customers.

Update: QlikTech released a technical bulletin about the SR1 withdrawal.