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How to get started with QlikView

Getting started with QlikViewLately I have been getting a lot of inquiries by people asking me how to get started with the Personal Edition of QlikView. It seems to be a very popular new year’s resolution this year, and one that is definitely a lot easier to keep than losing weight, getting fit or quitting smoking (hang in there everyone!).

Rather than answering everyone individually, I am trying to take a more lazy efficient approach by writing this post in which I lay out what I believe is a good path to get started with QlikView, without having to immediately draw your wallet to buy training.

Update 2012/11/23: Mike García and I have just released our book QlikView 11 for Developers, available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Packt and many other places. While it is not free, it does offer a cost-friendly, guided way to start learning QlikView.

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