QlikView blog round-up: Selling QlikView (and shares)

By Barry Harmsen

Selling QlikView (and shares)This weeks QlikView blog round-up is all about selling, selling software and shares that is.

How I sell QlikView

An excellent post on the Love Data Intelligence blog in which Dan Holowack describes a recent meeting that he had at a Toronto based firm and illustrates some of QlikView’s unique selling points.

I will let you discover the list of highlights on your own, if you have worked with QlikView before they will probably not surprise you but it is a good read nonetheless. What resonated with me most is how Dan describes his meeting as being terrific (in a good way, I assume). This exactly mirrors my experience with QlikView sales meetings, they are often very positive with each attendee quickly seeing the value that QlikView can bring to their business. As someone who has also been involved in sales for other, “legacy” BI solutions, I can tell you that QlikView sales meetings are definitely a lot more fun and require a lot less explanation. Or, as a commenter at Dan’s blog noted, “I don’t sell QlikView, it sells itself!”

QlikTech executives and investors sell shares

Two groups of people that will probably have a very good holiday season this year are the executives at QlikTech and the venture capitalists at Jerusalem Venture Partners and Accel Europe Associates. Between them, they recently sold 11 million shares of QlikTech, netting a neat $ 240+ million.

There may be many reasons for executives and investors to sell (part of) their stock, so for holders of QLIK stock this move is not an immediate reason for concern (at the moment of writing the stock is actually 22% up). It is an interesting move however, and I am not sure if I share the same enthusiasm for the QlikView share as I do for the QlikView software.

I had a look at QlikTech’s Q3 2010 results some time ago and there are many interesting things in there for those who look closely. I am not yet sure if it fits in the context or target audience of this blog, but if there is enough interest I will post an analysis of QlikTech’s financial results when the Q4 results are available. Let me know what you think in the comments section.

Happy holidays to you and yours!