QlikView blog round-up

By Barry Harmsen

Busy weekIt’s been a busy week with not much time to write, so instead of a fresh tip I bring you the QlikView articles and blog posts that I found most interesting this week:

Color Mixology 101 & Heat Maps
This post over at The Qlik Board! describes a neat feature that I had not spotted before; the Color Mix Wizard. Using this wizard, you can easily create an expression that calculates a dynamic color based on a given measure. This expression can then be used to create a heat map. If, like me, you were writing these expressions by hand before then this tip is going to save you time.

The Magic of Set Analysis: Point in Time Reporting
This post is the 4th in a series about Set Analysis over at iQlik. It provides a well-written description of how to use Set Analysis to do point-in-time reporting in QlikView. If you are new to Set Analysis I recommend reading the previous 3 posts as well, as these will teach you the basics of Set Analysis in a structured manner:

  1. Introduction
  2. Syntax and Examples
  3. Dynamic Record Sets

Tableau vs QlikView
An interesting discussion in the forum of Tableau Software. In my opinion both tools fulfill different, yet overlapping, needs and can be happily used alongside each other.

It is not the comparison that made this discussion interesting to me, but the view of QlikView from the point of view of Tableau users. What I found especially interesting is their take on QlikView’s learning curve, interface (on the developer/designer side) and the level of IT involvement that is required for loading data. The QlikCommunity group on LinkedIn offers some interesting additional comments on the subject.

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