Custom formatting table cells

By Barry Harmsen

Custom format cellA short tip today about something that actually took me quite some time to figure out: how to easily format table cells. Where in Excel you can just right-click on a cell and choose “Format Cells”, that option seems to be missing in QlikView … or is it?

Of course not! The good people at QlikTech have only hidden it very well. To enable this option, go to the “View” menu and activate the “Design Grid”. Now when you right-click on a table cell you can select the “Custom Format Cell” option, which opens a dialog window that lets you format both dimension and expression cells.

Custom format cell menu

Another way to enable this option (and the one I prefer) is by going to the User Preferences (“Settings” -> “User Preferences”) and enabling the “Always Show Design Menu Items” option on the “Design” tab. Now the “Custom Format Cell” option will always be shown.