Rainy Sunday QlikView blog round-up

By Barry Harmsen

Rainy dayIt’s a rainy Sunday here in the Netherlands, a good time to catch up on some reading and share with you some of the QlikView-related blog posts, articles and discussions that I found interesting in the past week.

QlikView: What is missing?
The central question in this discussion in the QlikView group on LinkedIn is “What are you missing in QlikView?”. At this moment there are already 57 comments, some of which contain very interesting suggestions. What would you like to see added to QlikView?

Highlighting a “special” dimension in bar charts
In this post over at The Qlik Board!, Bill Lay explains how to highlight a single dimension in a bar chart. An excellent tip that will probably find its way into one of my future projects.

Highlight a special dimension in a bar chart

In-memory BI is not the future. It’s the past.
An interesting read by SiSense‘s Elad Israeli that argues that disk-based BI is not going anywhere soon, but is evolving into something that will will significantly limit the use of in-memory technology in typical BI implementations.

A conversation with QlikView Architect Håkan Wolgé
In this short interview on the QlikCommunity, Erica Driver asks Håkan Wolgé, the main architect behind QlikView, two questions: “What does the word associative mean to you?” and “Is QlikView columnar or record-based—and does it matter?”.

A nice read. Håkan does not really get too technical though, focusing instead on the benefits of QlikView’s technology for end-users. If you want something a little more in-depth, have a look at Curt Monash’ article “The underlying technology of QlikView” or, if you really want to go in-depth, read the full QlikView patent (pdf).