Qlik Tools and utilities

Qlik Tools and Utilities

Some of the tools and utilities that have been posted on this blog over the years:

  • ImageExtractor: extract embedded images from QlikView applications
  • GridMaker: create a custom layout grid to simplify layout of objects in QlikView applications
  • Import/Export variables: import and export variables from QlikView (to and from Excel)
  • SenseTheme: create custom themes for Qlik Sense in a (sort of) WYSIWYG editor.


Want to supercharge your QlikView front-end design process? And have consistent and pretty application and object templates that you can easily apply to new and existing applications? Then check out our TurboView solution!

TurboView - Supercharge your QlikView designs

You may also find the Bitmetric Coding Conventions interesting. This 43 page document details the coding conventions that we use, along with many helpful development suggestions.