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Friday Qlik Test Prep – Week 2 – Section Access

Every Friday at Bitmetric we’re posting a new Qlik certification practice question to our LinkedIn company page. Last Friday we asked the following Qlik Data Architect certification practice question:

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Friday Qlik Test Prep – Week 1 – Optimized Load

For the new year, we’re doing something new at Bitmetric. Each Friday, on our LinkedIn Company Page, we’ll share a test question that is representative of what you’ll find on the Qlik Business Analyst, Data Architect or System Administrator certification exams. Including the strange or vague wording that’s sometimes found in these exams 😉

We’ll follow up each Monday with the correct answer, as well as some additional explanation and insights. We hope this will help many of you prepare for your Qlik certifications, or at the very least provide a bit of fun and discussion.

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